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7 Best Chicago Engagement Session Locations

Now, I may be biased… but I think Chicago is one of the best cities in America! There’s so much to do, so much to see, and it’s all so pretty! I mean, what other city has a beautiful skyline, beaches, water, fantastic architecture, and four seasons!? (The best season is the outside patio season!) It’s also has the best places to choose your destination or local Chicago engagement session location!

There are so many options to choose from when picking your engagement session location. Do you want a beach? Do you want skyline? Does it have beautiful architecture buildings?

I’ve compiled a list for you of my top 7 Chicago engagement session locations to help make your decision a little easier!

1. Milton Lee Olive Park

This location has everything anyone could want! It has trees, it has the skyline, it has a beach, and it has views of the skyline and Navy Pier. This location is perfect for anyone who wants the most epic views of the John Hancock Building.

2. Lincoln Park Zoo (South Pond)

Lincoln Park Zoo brings the benefits of a forest preserve engagement session to the city! There’s a great view of the skyline, a pond, and tons of trees and nature!

3. The Wrigley Building

This location is one of my favorites! If you’re looking for elegance and magnificent architecture, this is the spot for you! Not only will you get elegance and beauty, but you get the gorgeous buildings around as a backdrop, and you’re a short walk from the La Salle bridge and river walk!

4. The Art Institute

The Art Institue is an excellent option for those colder weather sessions. It brings a unique indoor option location and has such a beautiful outdoor backdrop and a gorgeous terrace!

5. Walk the Streets of Chicago

Another option you can do is to pick a neighborhood or popular street and walk along the streets of Chicago! Old Town, Lincoln Park, LaSalle, Michigan… they’re all great options.

6. Chicago Museum Campus

The Chiacgo Musuem campus is another “best of all worlds” spots! It has beautiful trees and flowers, gorgeous archetitecture, and views of the skyline!

7. North Ave Beach

The Granddaddy of them all! North Ave Beach is where you’ll get that classic walkway with the skyline behind you in the distance! North Ave is another excellent spot to get the classic skyline shots and beach photos if that’s something you want.

No matter where you go to Chicago, you’re guaranteed to have beautiful engagement session photos! Now the next part, figuring out what to wear! You can find tips on choosing your engagement session outfits HERE. Still not sure you want one? HERE I wrote reasons why you should have an engagement session!

Olive Park | Brittany & Adam, Alex & Tim, Eman & Ahmed
Lincoln Park Zoo | Laura & David, Hannah & Eric, & Sabrina & Milton
Wrigley Building | Analisa & Paul, Cara & Kevin, Steph & Parker
Art Institute | Ashley & Benjamin
Streets of Chicago | Katie & Joey, Taylor & Tavio
Chicago Musuem Campus | Jules & Steven, Ebby & John
North Ave Beach | Stephanie & Parker, Irma & Ryan, Becky & Kaleb

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