Summer Downtown Chicago Engagement Photos

Although there won’t be as many weddings as planned this summer, there sure will be a ton of beautiful summer Chicago engagement photos taken! And these couples of mine sure know how to show up for the camera! Amy and Blake are sweet as can and oh so photogenic together! I had such an amazing time downtown in Chicago with them for their engagement session. We took advantage of the city being quiet and calm during this time in life and started at the Board of Trade and ended on an amazing rooftop Blake got us access too! SO excited for their downtown Chicago Fairlie wedding with Kirsty at LOLA Event Productions next spring!

It all started in 7th grade…

Amy and Blake’s story starts WAY back. They met in 7th-grade gym class! Those days spent in gym class helped blossom a beautiful friendship that they had all throughout middle school and high school. It wasn’t until the end of high school that the two of them started dating.

The sweet, personal engagement…

They did the long-distance thing in college and luckily both ended up with jobs back in Chicago. This past February Blake decided to propose to Amy. He gave her a gift of a photo book that had photos from high school all the way through to the current day photos. The last page, there was just a picture of Blake that said, “Will you continue this journey with me?”. They then celebrated with champagne and photos on the rooftop and ended with their families at Tao for a celebratory dinner.

Always down for hard work and some fun to balance it out…

They love to hang out and explore new bars and restaurants in the city, hang with their group of friends, play games and have lazy Netflix days. They’re also fellow Orange Theory fanatics, which I can get behind ;). They always are down for fun and love to keep things light and silly with each other, nothing too serious. They both love how close they are with their own families and each other and how they balance their active, hard-working days with fun and ease.

Their wedding is going to be so much fun and so special for them and all of their loved ones. I can’t wait!

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