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Benefits of an Heirloom Wedding Album

Your wedding album is your first family heirloom. This is the first item in your family that will be treasured and will be passed down from generation to generation. Your favorite wedding photos deserve to live outside of your iPhone or computer.

In 60 years from now, you don’t want to pull out your old iPhone or computer from the 2020s to be able to show your future grandchildren your wedding day memories. An album allows you to pull out an item that withstands the test of time. With your album, you can sit with your favorite people, touching the photos and telling stories from your day with each page. It’s a full experience. 

There are many benefits from purchasing and investing in a gorgeous album with your wedding photographer. 


Generational Sharing and StoryTelling 

As mentioned, a wedding album is a family heirloom. A wedding album is one of your first family heirlooms and it will be shared and passed down for generations. As you grow, as your children grow, and as your children have children… you will share moments together at your kitchen table or in your family room as you and your spouse share stories and memories of the start of this beautiful family. You’ll be able to sit with your granddaughter and laugh about the silly moments, share about how much Grandpa Joe cried at your first look, and share memories and stories about all the details…. Big and small. 

Photo by Jess and James Photography

All of Your Favorite Photos in One Place

An album is a perfect item to put all of your favorite images in one place. Chances are, you won’t print a photo of your cake or your best man busting down on the dance floor with grandma, but you would put in your wedding album. An album can be as big as you’d like it to be to make sure all of your favorites are printed and in one location. 

Photo by Jess and James Photography

Professionally Designed For You

Imagine, it’s wedding gallery delivery day in your inbox. You open it up, and there are 650 – 1000, sometimes more, images in there. SO amazing, but also, overwhelming. Now, you have to take those hundreds of images and par it down into your favorite 50-100… and then… you have to design it cohesively in a beautiful way into a wedding album to tell a perfect story of your day. Sound overwhelming?

With your wedding photographer, we do all the hard work for you. Omce you have some time to sit with and love on your wedding images, we take our best and favorite images and create a starting template for you. We make sure the album design tells the full story of your day from details, getting ready, portraits, ceremony, and all the way through your favorite dance images.  

From there, we send you this design and you’re able to now visualize what your album could look like and are able to swap out images, add more images we may have missed, take some out, etc. Once it’s filled with all of your favorites and designed, we ship it to you. 

Photo by Jess and James Photography

Quality Design 

When you order a wedding album from your photographer, you are ordering a high-quality product. There are many consumer photo labs that offer albums at a lower cost. However, you do get what you pay for. You are doing the designing, choosing, etc. You are also getting a cheaply made product. 

I personally use Kiss Albums. They are based in Indianapolis and every album is made by hand. The owner, Shawn, a former photographer himself, has put his heart and soul into this company. He hand chooses the linens and the leathers. Their customer service is impeccable.

Your photos are printed on thick study pages. You’ll never have to worry about the pages of your wedding album bending, folding, crinkling, or tearing. 

Your photos are printed on archival paper. What this means is that your images will last longer meaning they won’t yellow or fade as quickly as other types of prints.

They also have a warranty for life. If any issue arises with an album of theirs against any manufacturer defect

Ready to order your custom wedding album? Let’s chat!


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