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Why Should I Hire a Wedding Videographer? 5 Moments You’ll Want Captured on Film | K LaFleur Films

Kelly LaFleur of LaFleur films is a videographer. She poses in a headshot here in a maroon top.

Hiring a videographer is always something I recommend to my clients. A wedding film is another way to remember your wedding day and remember things a photo can’t completely give you. Your photos will hang on your walls and help tell the story of your day, but a video will help remind you of the words, the laughs, the reason behind the happy tears, and the fun dance party. So if you’re asking “Why Should I Hire A Wedding Videographer?” then you are in luck! I had my dear friend, Kelly of LaFleur Films, compile a list of the 5 moments you’ll want to be captured on film. 

Have you had this question run through your mind? If you’re planning a wedding, I’m sure it has! In 2021, a wedding videographer is rising higher and higher on the priority list for couples. As a wedding videographer, I hear that video is important because couples want to remember not only what happens on the wedding day but what is said. Here are the top 5 moments on a wedding day our couples say they need to be captured on film!


When I chat with a couple before the wedding, the first (and possibly only) moment that they need to be documented on film is their vows. It’s the highest point of their wedding day and photos just can’t capture the emotion and sounds of a couple saying their vows to each other. All the tears, laughs and deep breaths are captured through our audio recorders and cameras so that you can instantly go back to those emotions when you watch your wedding film. Whether your vows are personally written by you or scripted by your officiant, these are the words that bind you together forever!


Whether your toasts happen at the rehearsal dinner or the reception, this is another massive moment our couples want to have captured for their wedding film! Speeches are a moment for the people who love you to toast to your future and honestly, while it’s planned in the timeline, you don’t know what is going to be said! It’s one of the moments that couples regret not having captured because once those words are said, they’ll be gone from your memory within a few years. As someone who got married 8 years ago without a wedding film, I can look at my photos and see laughing and crying but we cannot ever remember what we were laughing or crying at! It’s incredibly frustrating and a reason why I wanted to become a videographer in the first place! Definitely a top answer to the question “Why Should I Hire A Wedding Videographer!”

First Look

First looks can be a hot topic when planning the timeline of the day. It’s an important discussion to have together about whether you want one or not. If you choose to do a first look, our couples say it’s one of their favorite moments to watch back in their wedding film. It’s a special moment with time completely carved out for just the two of you. That doesn’t happen any other time in the day unless you’re being super intentional about it. A first look can be with your spouse but we also see couples doing first looks with parents, grandparents, and wedding parties. It’s a nice time to just be YOU and be completely unscripted.



I remind engaged couples that if you’re having a raging dance floor (please 2021, let this happen!), your photographer will photograph for about 10 minutes, and then the photos will probably be super similar because it’s all the same people breaking out the same moves. Film really takes over with dancing because then you can see every second of the fun and hilarity that will happen! Plus, dancers love to perform for the camera!

Unplanned Moments

No matter how strict your timeline is, you want a wedding videographer for those completely candid and unplanned moments: the story your mom tells as she helps with your final touches, the story of a family heirloom, the tears rolling down your friend’s face, etc…I can’t tell you how many couples have said their favorite moments of their wedding video is the completely candid moment that they never saw coming and we were prepared to capture.

I hope this reminds you of all the moments on your wedding day that wedding photography won’t be able to capture completely. If you’re planning this incredibly meaningful and special day, won’t you want to relive it the fullest way possible? If you’re looking for a wedding videographer, please don’t hesitate to contact us to capture these important moments for you! We would be thrilled to help answer any other questions you have when asking “Why Should I Hire A Wedding Videographer?”


Kelly LaFleur of LaFleur films is a videographer. She poses in a headshot here in a maroon top.

About Kelly LaFleur 
For Kelly, there never was a “before videography.” Immediately after graduating with a degree in broadcast journalism, Kelly dove headfirst into weddings and never looked back. Over the years, she has taken her expert listening skills and ability to artfully read a room and used them to create wedding films that allow viewers to hit pause on a time in their lives.

As a proud wife and mom to four kids, Kelly has a knack for anticipating moments that will be truly important to you one day.







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