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If you’ve followed me on my social media for any length of time, then you know that wedding bouquets are my FAVORITE. I love them because they have the ability to capture a bride’s personality instantly and graphically. After all, what part of the bride’s ensemble instantly defines the vibe of the whole celebration? (Besides the wedding gown, of course). If you are looking for wedding bouquet inspiration, then we have you covered. Read on to view some of my favorite bouquets from past years!

Bride's bouquet displayed on stone steps

Florist: Willrett Flower Co. – I love all the color and texture in this bouquet. It’s so whimsical! From a styling standpoint, the simple background of concrete steps allows the bouquet to stand on its own. And the simple grey tie around the base ties in the color scheme of the day while complimenting the colors in the bouquet.

Bride's bouquet displayed on a cream chair

Florist: Willrett Flower Co. – This springtime bouquet is chock full of pastel colors and romantic florals – perfect for your spring or summer wedding! The wedding gown’s floral lace design also compliments the romantic, easy feel of the bouquet’s shape. In keeping with the theme of the day, the taupe linen chair ties right in.

Florist: Willrett Flower Co. – Who doesn’t love an all-white wedding? All-white color palettes can often be one note or boring, but this bouquet is anything but. Filled with florals in varying shades of white, this bouquet screams “SUMMER WEDDING” just as loudly as  a brightly-colored one would.

Florist: Flowers For Dreams – Irma and Ryan’s fall wedding at VenueSix10 in Chicago was a dream to be a part of. This bouquet could have easily skewed spring with it’s lovely pastels, but the pop of purple and the dark greenery lends a fall touch to this stunning creation.

Florist: Willrett Flower Co. – This spring wedding for Kyle and Nicole was stunning! It was very classic and timeless. I love this bouquet because it is very neutral, but it still has pops of color to liven it up!

Florist: Willrett Flower Co. – Allie and Jake’s wedding at Ovation was the perfect spring day. This is another example of a classic, timeless, and neutral palette made anything but boring by pops of blue and berries that tied in with their wedding colors. The neutral theme injected with moments of color keeps the overall look but still fun!


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