Union Station Chicago Engagement Session

Can I say how much I love it when my couples go FULL GLAM for their engagement sessions? It lends such an air of sophistication to the architecture around the city. Taj and Jeremy’s Union Station (Chicago) engagement session served up the glamour and the love!

Despite having a whole different vision for their Union Station (Chicago) engagement session, the rain had other plans. I absolutely love the romantic vibe of this shoot, and I hope you enjoy getting to know this couple as much as I did!


A Workplace Romance

Taj and Jeremy met as nurses in Gary, IN. Taj was the more senior nurse, while Jeremy was a newbie. Needless to say, he was intimidated by more than just her nursing skills! They were set up by friends to go out to dinner with a group. “Somehow” the other members of the party didn’t show up until much later, leaving the two of them to have dinner alone. It allowed them to get to know each other outside of work, and the rest is history! In fact, this couple is celebrating 6 years together this year.


He Made Her Wait

Taj and Jeremy talked for so long about getting married. They even went on a trip to London together, on which Taj hired a photographer with the thought that he would pop the question. But it wasn’t until a few months later that he finally asked. He took her on a date to a restaurant they had never been to together, even triple checking that she was, in fact, available. She knew at this point that something was up, since he isn’t one to act that way.

The two of them shared a fancy meal with great food and wine. When it was over, Jeremy handed Taj a gift. And it wasn’t the ring! Hah! In a move that warms my photography-loving heart, Jeremy gifted Taj a camera. On the camera was photos of Jeremy holding index cards saying how happy he is in the relationship and how much he looks forward to their future. The last picture was Jeremy holding an index card that said “Will You Marry Me?” and then he presented her with the ring. And of course, she said yes!


Opposites Attract

One of the things I learned about Taj and Jeremy through planning their Union Station (Chicago) engagement session is that they personify the phrase “opposites attract.” In Taj’s own words: “We are both opposites of each other. I am very impatient and he’s not. I’m always the perfectionist but he’s laid back. I really think that the best part of us that we love is that no matter how opposites we are, we still complement each other. Like the puzzle with different shapes, but we still fit perfectly together.”


The Best of Both Worlds

One of the ways I saw their opposite personalities was  through their discussion of date night. They love to do a mix of things that make them both happy. Taj loves food and trying something new, while Jeremy is perfectly happy staying in. So a perfect date night for them would be trying a new restaurant together, followed by wine and ice cream at home on a couch with a movie. Win, win!

Thank you, Taj and Jeremy, for allowing me to capture your Union Station (Chicago) engagement session. I can’t wait to be a part of your big day next year!

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