Summer Engagement Session Chicago

Maddie and Kyle’s Summer engagement session in Chicago is so sweet – and you all know I love a good dress-up session! Read on to learn more about this precious couple.

Middle School Sweethearts

Maddie and Kyle have the sweetest love story! They met in grade school and even dated in 7th grade – they were even each other’s first kiss all the way back then! They lost touch in high school and college and reconnected when they ran into each other on a lunch break. From there, they went out on a date, and the rest is history!

Love In The Time Of Covid

As we all know, COVID has really put a damper on weddings and romance in general. But I love that Kyle still managed to plan a special and memorable experience for Maddie’s proposal. Kyle had her best friend text her to go on a (COVID friendly) walk to meet her new boyfriend knowing that Maddie wouldn’t say no. They were going to meet at the Adler Planetarium and start the walk. When they got to the Planetarium, Kyle got down on one knee. He had both of their families there as well as her two best friends. Later that night, they went out to dinner and drinks with a few friends as well.

In Their Own Words

We asked the couple to describe their relationship. This was their response! “Our relationship is definitely goofy. We are 100% each other’s best friends. We constantly joke around and find ourselves having the weirdest conversations (what would you do in X situation type of stuff). I love that I know that we have each other’s back without a doubt and will always put the other one first- it is truly an us against the world mindset. Things could be falling around us, and we know the other person will pick you up and put a smile on your face.”

The Best Date

Pre-pandemic, Maddie and Kyle loved going out for drinks/food, golfing, hanging out a the pool in their building, and spending time with friends. Lately, they have become a big ordering food in and watch Netflix type of people. They also love taking their puppy, Teddy, on long lakefront walks. In addition to this alone time, they spend a good amount of time with their family and will go home for lunch/dinner now and again.

Thank you, Maddie and Kyle, for allowing me to get to know you during your Summer engagement session in Chicago. I can’t wait to be a part of your big day next year!

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