Golden Hour North Ave Beach Engagement

Hello Summer! N + R’s Golden Hour North Ave Beach engagement session just screams summer, doesn’t it? From the hint of a sun-kissed glow to the classic floral dress to his matching pink shirt – I can just feel the golden glow of the sun! N + R’s session was so full of fun and love. I can’t wait for you to get to know them!

I Feel Sparks Fly

N + R grew up in the same town but went to different high schools. They didn’t run in the same circles and are two years apart, so they didn’t really know each other growing up. They first met after being set up and went on a walk. A few hours later, N left to catch a train home. As soon as she left they couldn’t stop texting and talking on the phone. Later that afternoon, R asked her to go to a Christmas event with him for an official date. Four years later, they’re engaged and joining me for their Golden Hour North Ave Beach engagement session.

Anxiously Awaiting

The weekend that N + R got engaged, her sister few in for the long weekend and wanted to celebrate her birthday. The sister made nail appointments for them because it was her birthday and “What she says goes.” N didn’t think twice about what was on the horizon. N + R walked in and “since they were early” they grabbed a drink ahead of time. Before waters arrived, through nerves and excitement, R proposed. Afterward, all of their family arrived afterwards to celebrate!

In Their Own Words

As with all of our couples, we asked N + R to describe their relationship in their own words. This was their response:

“Our relationship is light-hearted and fun. We are both quick-witted in our humor and [main way of flirting is sarcasm towards one another! We make each other laugh each day- it is so important to both of us! We keep each other grounded and bring out the best in one another.”

Thank you, N + R, for allowing me to shoot your Golden Hour North Ave Beach engagement session. I can’t wait to shoot your wedding next year – I know it will be a day full of fun, love, and smiles.

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