Sunrise Charleston Engagement

Charleston has some of the most beautiful, romantic light. In the morning, there is this stunning glow, and downtown has a sweet, calm, and charming energy. Recently, I spent some time before a sunrise Charleston engagement session just taking in the town’s charm and I loved every minute.

Traveling Engagement Session

It’s always a thrill to travel for work. And when you get to take in locations like Charleston, well, it’s even better. Christine and Bincent, a long-distance couple located out of Charleston and Charlotte, joined me on my last trip for their session. We started our morning in the beautiful historic alleys.

It’s always fun to see how each of my couples interacts with one another. I always want to showcase their genuine relationship with each other when photographing them. C +  B have a calm and sweet love. And the morning we had truly showcased that in the calm of the morning.

Long-Distance Clients

C + B have a long-distance relationship, so when they are together in each other’s towns of Charlotte and Charleston, they always like to make the most of it with dinners, concerts, and quality time spent together. 

Fashion Choices

When considering your styling for an engagement session, it’s definitely important to consider your surroundings. Knowing the location, weather, and general vibe of the space we hope to shoot in helps my clients feel comfortable in whatever their stylist chooses. I loved C + B’s monochrome look for their sunrise Charleston engagement session. The neutrals in their outfit choices helped them pop against the fun colors of the buildings. It also brought a chic juxtaposition to the south, a nice subtle nod to my Chicago home base.

Sunrise Charleston Engagement Session

We ended our time together with an outfit change, and then a walk up and down the streets. We took little pit stops at each little corner that inspired us. There’s always something new and pretty to see around every corner in Charleston, which is one of my favorite parts of the downtown historic district.

Traveling to locations important to my clients always brings new life to my work. I’m so glad to have spent the morning with Christine and Bincent capturing their love, and look forward to making memories in the future.

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