Montauk Hamptons Sunrise Engagement Session

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – my absolute favorite type of engagement sessions are the ones into which my clients inject things that are important to them. Whether it’s a favorite date night spot, their adorable furry friends, or even just a typical night in their home, the sessions with personality feel more authentic to that couple. Read on for why my recent Montauk Hamptons sunrise engagement session fit this bill with gusto.

Montauk Hamptons Sunrise Engagement Session

Recently, I captured these lovely people at a sunrise beach engagement session. I always love when we get creative with their sessions. Whether it’s location, wardrobe, or even incorporating props or pets – creativity from my clients always gets my creative juices flowing.

Jeep People

They came dressed to the nines in their Jeep. If you’re a Jeep guy or gal, we know that ya’ll love your Jeeps, so let’s incorporate it. I thought this was a great way to be creative and interject as much personality as possible into portraits that are so uniquely special to a couple and their families. They were able to turn something practical into an artistic element in their session – and I am all about that!

Outfit Change

For the end of their Montauk Hamptons sunrise engagement session, the beautiful gal changed into a fun and casual dress in a similar color and pattern to the swimsuit she started in. With this change-up, she was able to create 3 different looks that still maintained cohesiveness. For him, we did a button up his shirt for a more refined look to play off of her dress. And they both added fun accessories with their shoes and hats to further enhance the fashion element of the day.

This Montauk Hamptons sunrise engagement session was the perfect way to capture a fun and loving couple in an environment that means so much to them. And comfort in the environment translates to comfort in front of the camera – a win/win for me!

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