2022 Recap: Best of Moments + Candids

Why? Why am I a wedding photographer? Why does this job matter so much to me? What fuels my passion? Why do I go away from friends and family on my weekends to capture these wedding weekends?

When I think back to the core of my why in my business, it’s to capture genuine and meaningful images that allow my clients to authentically relieve the important moments of and with people that matter most to them from their wedding weekend. 

I grow as a photographer and as a person after each year and each wedding. In the last few years, it has become super apparent that my why fueled me the most. I love to capture beautiful portraits of my couples. I want them to plaster their walls with beautiful images of themselves and their loved ones. Photos that look and feel like them and that look like they are out of magazines. 

Not only do I love photographing beautiful portraits, but equally, their stunning details. My couples and their creative teams spend months deciding, choosing, and creating these beautiful touches. I love photographing them, and they equally help tell the story of their day. 

But it’s those candid moments that really tickle me. Once your wedding weekend is over, all that is left are these, now, forever moments to relive. Images of the shared laughs and hugs, tears of joy, and loved ones, old and young, are all preserved. These are the moments that truly matter. Capturing these moments, connections, and memories lights my team and me up. 

This was another hard blog to narrow down to just a few. After narrowing it down from over 200, is just a small snapshot of my favorite moments and candids captured throughout the day for my beautiful, kind, and amazing 2022 clients.

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