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2021 Wedding Trends

Welcome to 2021, friends! With each new year comes exciting new ideas, adventures, discoveries, and you guessed it, trends. Every year the wedding industry predicts what trends will happen in events that year. I always look forward to learning about each one to predict what my couples will love as well. I took some time to examine these trends for those of you looking ahead, and I’m thrilled to share my favorites. 

Smaller Guest Counts

First up is smaller guest counts. In 2020, we had to pivot to smaller guest counts to make our events happen. In 2021, this will definitely continue, and even be preferred! Smaller guest counts are great, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. They keep your guest’s safety in mind, making them feel more comfortable as well. But even beyond that, smaller guest counts mean that you have your absolute favorite people attending. This means it is easier to connect and spend time with your guests and your significant other. 

Weekday Weddings

Next on the list – weekday weddings. Weekday Weddings will continue to be a popular trend, generally as a result of postponements and venue availability. However, it will turn out to be a positive, as it will be easier to get all of your dream vendors. 

Pops of Color

New for 2021 is more colorful palettes. While white, blush, and greenery are classic and here to stay, couples are opting to add more color to their wedding design. Longing to add some cheer to chase away the 2020 blues! 

Brunch Weddings

Next up – brunch weddings. Who doesn’t love pancakes and a mimosa?! I know I do! Couples are electing to host smaller affairs during the day in order to soak up the sun, and take the evenings for themselves. Or, they are opting for a second, smaller affair in the evening. One such event was a couple who had a brunch wedding to celebrate with everyone, went home and napped (who doesn’t need a nap on their wedding day!), had a private dinner for two, then a small evening celebration with a few select family members downtown. This allows you to take advantage of your loved ones who want to celebrate your union!

Formal Plated Dinners

On the opposite end of the spectrum, many couples are choosing formal plated dinners to keep safety in mind for their guests. These elegant, multiple-course experiences are a great way to heighten the guest experience and enjoy lots of amazing food!

Tented Backyard Weddings

Following up, tented backyard weddings have always been a popular choice. They are even more so now, given that they provide an open-air setting for you and your guests. I always love these events because they have so much meaning to the couple. Hosting your wedding on a property with so much meaning lends itself to stunning images that the couple and their families cherish! 

More Thoughtful and Elaborate Guest Experiences

Like I stated at the top, intimate weddings are here to stay. More often, smaller weddings lend themselves to more thoughtful and elaborate guest experiences (though you do not have to have a small wedding to create this environment for your guests!). Meaningful details, more time to wine-and-dine – smaller guest counts mean there is more room in the budget to focus on the experience for your guests.

New Bridal Gown Trends

According to Harper’s Bazaar and Brides, there are many new fashion trends on the horizon for bridal gowns. Some highlights include colorful dresses and playful prints, elevated simple designs, square necklines, 80’s inspired sleeves, capes, sparkles and shimmer, dresses that can be worn multiple ways and many more. In other words, it looks like my prom dress would be back in style because ruffles are back! High-low skirts are also huge across many designers. 

Men’s Wedding Fashion Trends

Lastly is perhaps my favorite trend for 2021 is what’s new in men’s fashion. Some highlights include custom, tailored suits, tweed, straying from the traditional blue or black for a colorful palette, black tie, and more. 


Interested in learning more about what’s new in wedding fashion? Check out Harper’s Bazaar, Brides, and Jack Bunneys to see all the trendiest styles for your big day.


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