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How to Elevate Your Wedding – Custom Invitations | Samantha Meyer Studio

Let’s face it: some weddings are a bit bland. If you’ve attended lots of weddings, you know that they sometimes can feel uninspired and forgettable. So how do you make your celebration feel more special and memorable? Investing in custom stationery will make your wedding unforgettable. 


What exactly is Custom Stationery? 

Everyone agrees that you need an invitation and some wedding day paper goods, like ceremony programs and place cards. But you do have a few options. You could just order pre-designed stationery from a website like Minted. On sites like Minted, you’ll just pick a design you like and plugin your information. Or, you can choose to invest in a custom stationery designer. A good designer will learn about you and your event and design a completely custom concept for your invitations and other paper goods. Think about it like commissioning an artist to create art just for your wedding. 

There are so many ways that custom stationery can elevate your event. Here are a few: 


The best weddings don’t feel cookie-cutter because they are designed around the couple. When I design stationery, the first step of my process is an in-depth consultation. This allows me to get to know you and your love story, as well as your design preferences. Then, my job is to find artful ways to infuse these details and your personality into your invitations and other paper goods.

Maybe we will pick out vintage stamps that represent the state of California because that’s where you met your fiancé. Or, we could wrap the invitation suite in leather because you grew up on your family’s horse farm. For one couple, I illustrated two cute little bees to surround their monogram design because they always call each other “honey”! There is no limit to the creative elements that we can add to your stationery as we find beautiful ways to tell your story. When your guests recognize you in your wedding details, it feels like a true celebration of you and your love and less like a generic Pinterest page.

Have you ever worried that you’ll accidentally send the same invitation as a friend? (Yes, I have seen a fridge with two of the same save-the-date design!) No need to worry; with a custom stationer your invitations will be completely unique to you. 

Building Anticipation

A good stationery designer thinks not just about the graphic design of each card, but also about the entire multi-sensory experience. This means the textures, the materials, and the experience that the guests will have when they open the invitation. I can design an invitation to set the tone for your wedding. Guests know whether it will be super romantic or a crazy party, traditional and formal or a little bit mysterious. A great invitation should be so fun to open that it makes your guests feel even more excited to attend your party. 

Investing in Heirlooms

Unfortunately, your wedding lasts only one day. Of course, it’s important to choose a top-notch photographer (like Alex!) to help capture your memories, but there aren’t many physical objects from your big day that you’ll be able to keep in a treasured memory box or in a frame on your wall. The food gets eaten, the flowers die. But stationery is something you can save forever to look back on each year. If you invest in special stationery that you absolutely love, you’ll be proud to one day show your grandchildren the invitation suite that you shared with your loved ones and the menu that you served to celebrate together. 

Choosing custom stationery means that you are investing in meaningful heirlooms that you can share with your family for years to come.


Sam Meyer is the owner and designer of Samantha Meyer Studio, a stationery studio based in Chicago that creates bespoke wedding stationery and event branding for events all over the world. She designs paper goods that create awe-inspiring and multi-sensory experiences that your guests will never forget, and she seeks artistic inspiration from your unique love story and your personalities.

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