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5 Ways to Personalize Your Engagement Session

I LOVE engagement sessions. They are the absolute best way for couples to get to know their photographer and the photographer to get to know them. I love getting to meet and get to know my couple before shooting their wedding day. The way that engagement sessions can capture the essence of each couple is so much fun. I know that many couples are now recently engaged thanks to the holidays, so I wanted to share my favorite ways to make your engagement session uniquely yours. 

Visit Your First Date Spot

Did you go on an epic first date? Or was your first date such an epic fail that you still laugh about it? Either way, heading to the location of your first date brings your love story full circle. These pictures are so personal to each couple, and they often become favorites. They also tell an incredible story for save-the-date cards or even portraits to display at your rehearsal dinner or wedding day.

Go To Important Places

Like the first date spots, many couples have places that are important to their romance timeline. A favorite restaurant, park, movie theatre, or even your home can lend an air of comfortability to your session that makes you feel at ease. This definitely helps eliminate the jitters!

Grab Food and Drinks From Your Favorite Place

Another idea is to head to your favorite place to have a bite to eat or a drink at the bar. I love the intimacy that comes from sharing a meal or a drink with a person you love. This translates through the screen and creates some seriously fun images. 

Travel To Your Favorite City or Destination

Some of my favorite sessions come from couples who choose to head to one of their favorite cities. Sometimes it’s couples obsessed with a particular architectural vibe in a different city gives. Or, it could be that the couple loves to vacation in a tropical locale. Either way, the vibrancy these destinations lend to the images is a great way to bring personalization to your engagement session. 

Celebrate Your Passions or Hobbies 

Lastly, incorporating your passions or hobbies into your engagement session is the perfect detail to add personalization. Love horses? An engagement shoot at a stable is so playful and fun! Do you and your partner have a penchant for fashion? Incorporating designer pieces into your session is a subtle way to bring personalization. Love to watch Netflix and drink wine in your spare time? An at-home session styled in your living room with Netflix and a great bottle of wine is a great casual way to bring the personalization. 

There are so many ways that couples bring personalization into their engagement sessions. These five just scratches the surface, but I hope they allow you to think outside the box and truly make your special time personal to you! 

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