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9 Reasons To Have An Intimate Wedding

If we learned anything in the wedding industry in 2020, it’s that intimate weddings are here and they are NOT going anywhere. While the COVID-19 pandemic did impact the wedding industry in many negative ways, it has been truly refreshing to see all the positives that have resulted in culling guest lists to stay in conjunction with ever-changing regulations. So why should you have an intimate wedding, even when restrictions are limited? Here are my top 9 reasons why. 

Everyone On The Guest List Plays A Special Part

For many couples, creating the guest list is the first test of their wedding patience. When you eliminate the stress of including EVERYONE, you have permission to only include those most special to you – and NO ONE can judge you for it. The cool thing about these smaller guest lists is that everyone included can play a special part in your day. They can be your officiant, singer or musician, or even someone reading a special scripture or quote. Each person will feel more invested in your day rather than just a spectator.  


Get Married Sooner

We are seeing as a result of COVID that couples are opting for shorter engagements, choosing instead to get married sooner. Sometimes this looks like a courthouse wedding followed up by a larger reception post-restrictions, but often it is a simple celebration with your nearest and dearest. Eliminating the stress of a massive wedding allows you to get to the heart of what weddings are all about – starting forever with your best friend. 


More Personal Guest Experiences 

When you can keep your guest count low, you can think about each guest when planning your wedding. This allows you to make more personalized food choices or even think about your guest’s favorite desserts. While your wedding is for you and your spouse-to-be, the ability to make thoughtful decisions based on your smaller guest list is a positive. 


More Budget For Splurging

Smaller weddings mean that there is more money in your budget to splurge on important things. Big foodie? You can allocate more of your budget towards the catering and dining experience. Really into fashion? You can splurge on your wedding day attire. Of course, we think photography is the best splurge – it’s a great way to capture incredibly special memories of moments with people who are the most important to you. 


More Intimate Experience

While it may be obvious, with a smaller guest count, you can connect with your guests on a more personal level. When you choose an intimate wedding experience, you’re able to spend quality time with each of your guests, and this is so special! 


Destination Wedding Options

Traditionally, destination weddings were saved for couples choosing to elope or who were wanting to add the travel as a perk for their guests. The trend of smaller guest counts opens up destination possibilities that you may not have considered when planning your traditional, larger wedding. While travel may not be an option now, it is something to consider for the future. And many beach type towns are still able to give you that open-air destination wedding feel that you are looking for, without having to deal with international travel. 


More Memorable Wedding

With all of the personal touches, you cannot help but be memorable. These events are often emotional and touching, and certainly unique. Your guests will not forget their experience on your special day.


Thankful Vendors

Your vendors will love you! No, but really – as a photographer, I LOVE intimate weddings. They allow me to capture details, experiences, and memories thoughtfully and uniquely. Similarly, other vendors will appreciate the freedom to explore non-traditional and creative ideas when creating custom pieces for your wedding. 


Creative Freedom 

Since you have a smaller guest count, it allows you to have more creative freedom when making planning decisions. Why do you ask? You have the freedom to do what you, as a couple, wants, NOT what your Great Aunt Betty wants. I mean this is no offense to wonderful family members who want the best for you. But not having to consult with family traditions or compromise your desires with what is expected allows for true creative freedom and incredible experiences. 


I could go on and on, listing all the myriad reasons to have an intimate wedding. But these top nine reasons provide a good starting point when arguing your case for your choices. Start with these, and you cannot go wrong!



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