Lurie Garden Engagement Session

I feel like due to COVID, everything has shifted in the wedding industry, and definitely in photography. All of our processes and mindsets have changed, and we have to get creative with solutions. With that said, COVID also brings about some beautiful opportunities. Take this engagement sessions with Ali and Erik, for example. I shot this one evening in the late summer, and it felt like we had all of Millennium Park and Lurie Garden to ourselves. While it wasn’t the usual life-filled place, it still created energetic images that jump off the screen!


High School Crush Turned College Romance

While these two did not start dating until college, they would often run into each other at parties with various mutual friends in high school. I guess that foundation worked out well for them, as they have been together for 8 years!

Nervous First Date

How cute is this? On their first date, Erik and Ali were all excited to go for sushi and share a meal. But Erik was so nervous that he almost wrecked the car on the way!

A Polish Proposal

Pre-pandemic, Ali and Erik planned a trip to Italy and Poland. Ali’s maternal grandparents live in Poland, so this was a great way to see the incredible sights, and meet her grandparents for the first time.

On the first night after a full day exploring the city, Erik proposed at the Airbnb in Wroclaw, Poland. It was perfectly private and caught Ali completely off guard! They took a few moments to call family and friends, and spent the rest of the trip celebrating and enjoying their first time in Europe together. From showing him around the city where her grandparents live, to exploring new sights, to eating their way through Rome, it was a trip they will never forget.

An Adventurous Couple

Ali and Erik love to try new restaurants and craft breweries and are both adventurous eaters with an eagerness to try new cuisines. They also just got a new dog, Minnie, who they love taking for walks around their neighborhood, to the dog park or to the lake. After all, those long walks are just the way to burn off calories from indulging! 

In Their Own Words

I asked Ali and Erik what their favorite things about each other were. This was their response:

From Erik: “I love how Ali is compassionate towards me and everyone she meets. She always pushes me to be the best version of myself. And has a killer sense of humor… even if it’s a little corny at times!”

From Ali: “I love that Erik is level headed and logical – my complete opposite! I am always thinking with my heart first, and he keeps me grounded. I also love how caring and generous he is; he is a big softie when it comes to our friends and family. Lastly, I love his sense of humor. He can make me laugh with a single look – we have so many inside jokes and are always laughing and having fun together.”

About them as a couple: “Always making an adventure out of life’s littlest moments, and appreciating being together for the big ones.”


Thank you so much, Ali and Erik, for choosing me to capture those moments, from the big to the small. I cannot wait for your wedding in August!

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  1. […] Lurie Garden Engagement Session […]

  2. […] Lurie Garden Engagement Session […]

  3. […] Lurie Garden Engagement Session […]

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