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5 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

One of the biggest compliments that a couple can receive on their wedding day is that it felt like “them,” that each detail was unique to the style and preferences of the couple in such a way that their friends and family felt invited in to knowing them on a deeper level. As a photographer, those details make for the BEST photos, so it’s important to educate my couples on ways to bring their personalities in to their wedding day. Here are my 5 favorite ways to do just that.

A Special Location 

Bride and groom embrace in an intimate moment. Think outside of the box when choosing your location for the ceremony or reception. Pick a location that means something to you as a couple or tells your story in a meaningful way. If you love to travel, consider destination. If you’re both chic and modern, reflect that in the space you choose. All the details of your day start from the personality of the canvas that is the venue, so make sure that this choice reflects the day you want. 

Custom Invitations

Blue, green, orange and yellow beach themed stationery suite is laid on a table. A great stationer for custom invitations will get to know the ins and outs of you as people, your story, and you as a couple to create a invitation that not only gets people excited, but also has beautiful and subtle nods to you as a couple. Considering a destination wedding? Incorporating that detail into your invitation suite sets the tone for the kind of experience that you will host for your guests. 

Your Food Menu 

Multi cultural couple smiles in a portrait at their wedding venue If the classic steak or chicken and veggies aren’t your thing, make the dinner something that you both enjoy eating. Pizza, tacos, BBQ, food trucks, etc are unexpected ways to bring the fun to your reception. 

Write Your Own Vows

Bride and groom recite their vows while bridesmaids look on

Perhaps best way to personalize your wedding day is to write your own vows. You’re speaking from your heart, not what someone wrote online, so the words spoken to bind your marriage are that much more special. You’re also guaranteed authentic and genuine tears and laughs from yourselves and your guests.

Your Attire 

Bridesmaids in white dresses smile and laugh with their bouquets.

I love to see couples and their wedding parties dressed in a fun and unique way. It sets the pictures apart from all the others, for sure, but it also lets the personality of the couple shine through just from the images of the wedding party. I love the classic, even royal, look of bridesmaids in white. It harkens back to the original intent of confusing “evil spirits” who would seek to ruin the marriage. But it also is just really pretty and timeless! Whatever your personality, there are great ways to incorporate your fashion style into the attire worn on the wedding day.

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