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5 Benefits of Rehearsal Dinner Coverage

I often get asked why someone would want to hire a photographer for rehearsal dinner coverage. There are honestly SO many reasons why couples want this, but I wanted to share with you MY top 5 reasons to include the rehearsal dinner in your wedding weekend coverage.

The Most Important People

Traditionally, the most important people in each couple’s lives are present at the rehearsal dinner. Typically this is the bridal party, other close friends, and close family (often those who have traveled from out of town to be there). Because of this, rehearsal dinners are intimate, meaningful, and often emotional events that lead up to the wedding day itself. If you hire a photographer to be present at this event (and you should!), you have the ability to capture the most amazing candid photos, as well as more informal pictures with those in your life whom you cherish. 

The Night Before The Big Day


One of the things I love most about capturing rehearsal dinners is that I get to bear witness to a couple in love, right on the precipice of beginning their new life together. As cliché as it sounds, it truly allows for some pretty great shots to be captured – the emotion and love is displayed in such a real and tangible way! 

Pre-Dinner Photos


When you hire a photographer for your rehearsal dinner, you allow for the opportunity to have more portraits. Those pre-(and sometimes post) dinner portraits are so much less formal than wedding day portraits, and really allow the couple’s style and taste to shine through.

A Memory To Look Back On

The night before the wedding is full of excitement and can often be a blur. Having photos from the event will help you relive the night for years to come. 

Details, Details, Details

Capturing the details of what people wore, their smiles, a killer custom clutch, hairstyles for your grandkids to laugh at one day – all of these are special and important details to look back on and remember. 

What are your reasons for wanting rehearsal dinner coverage? Share them with me in the comments!

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