Formal Wrigley Building Engagement Session

I am so excited to introduce you to Emily and Andrew – they are both so sweet and fun! Fun fact –  all three of us actually went to the University of Iowa! Go Hawks! I had such an incredible time with them at their engagement session. We had the perfect early fall Chicago weather. And their outfits? Perfection. 

College Sweethearts

Emily and Andrew met at their college Alma Mater, The University of Iowa, at a popular local sports bar, Sports Column. They dated through college and have been together 5 1/2 years. They now live together in Chicago.


Sushi Date

On their first date, Emily and Andrew dined at Formosa, a sushi restaurant on campus. They ended the evening hanging out at Emily’s house. Apparently, the date was a good one – Emily still remembers what she ordered!

A Spanish Proposal

While in Madrid, Emily and Andrew had a romantic dinner at a very nice restaurant. Following their dinner, they went to Plaza Mayor (the main plaza in the area) and Andrew proposed. After she said yes (obviously!), they met up with Emily’s parents and brother for dessert at a chocolate and churros shop (yum!). 

A Few Of Their Favorite Things

Emily and Andrew love trying out new restaurants in Chicago, hanging out with their families, and spending time with their adorable dog at the dog park.

In Their Own Words

Alex: “What are your favorite things about each other?”

Emily: “He makes me laugh so hard that my stomach will hurt. He is very supportive of me, but is also the first person to keep it real and speak his opinion. He is also an amazing dog-dad.”

Andrew: “The thing I enjoy most about Emily is her willingness to try new things. She is always open to going to a new restaurant that we haven’t been to and trying their special dish. She is definitely the more spontaneous one in the relationship and loves to go out and try new things at a moments notice.”

Describe Your Relationship In One Sentence

Our relationship is strong and united because we are loving towards one another while keeping the spark alive, supportive of each other, challenging to promote growth, silly when we need to be, and happy.”

Thank you Emily and Andrew for allowing me to be a part of your wedding journey. I can’t wait to see where you go from here!


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  1. […] Formal Wrigley Building Engagement Session […]

  2. […] Formal Wrigley Building Engagement Session […]

  3. […] Formal Wrigley Building Engagement Session […]

  4. […] Formal Wrigley Building Engagement Session […]

  5. […] Formal Wrigley Building Engagement Session […]

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