Candid Chicago Engagement Session

Every engagement session tells a unique story and Amanda and Mike’s is no exception. Starting at the iconic Chicago Union Station and ending at the picturesque Wrigley Building, their candid Chicago engagement session was a beautiful blend of love, laughter, and the energy of Chicago. Despite some unexpected hurdles, Amanda and Mike’s flexibility and trust in the process resulted in stunning photos that truly captured them as a couple.

How They Met

Amanda and Mike’s love story began in the bustling Loop area of Chicago, where they both worked at the JP Morgan Chase building. Originally from Buffalo, NY, Amanda had recently relocated to Chicago for her job. She was adjusting to a new city, new routines, and a new gym where, unbeknownst to her, Mike had already noticed her.  However, Amanda hadn’t seen him, as everything and everyone was so new to her, and she was just getting into the swing of things and learning the new city she now called home. After several sightings at the gym, Mike decided to approach Amanda at work. Amanda recalls their first conversation with a laugh, noting, “Our first chat went less smooth because he thought I had seen him at the gym, too.”  Despite the initial bump, they quickly hit it off and began dating.

Their First Date

They had their first date during peak COVID, like many couples over the last few years. Their first date was relaxed and cozy at Mike’s apartment. There they enjoyed a charcuterie board and cocktails while watching Captain America. This simple yet heartfelt evening marked the beginning of their journey together. Since that first date, Amanda and Mike have enjoyed many dates together. They are foodies who enjoy dining at nice restaurants and ending their evenings with a nightcap at Gilt Bar, their favorite Chicago bar. They love taking walks along the Chicago River or Lake Michigan with their dog, Brady, cooking, reading, and watching movies or football games together.

The Proposal

Mike’s proposal to Amanda was as thoughtful as it was romantic. He chose Olive Park, a location that offered stunning views of the Chicago skyline. With their beloved dog, Brady, by their side, Mike asked Amanda to marry him. The beautiful backdrop of the city where they had built their lives together made the moment even more special.

Flexibility Amidst Challenges

We originally had a date set for their engagement session, but unforeseen circumstances led to rescheduling, as Amanda was stuck in New York, where she is from, due to extremely cold weather.  Because I only take a limited number of clients per year, I was able to adjust our schedule and find a warmer day that worked for everyone. This flexibility is one of the benefits of working with a photographer like myself who has the space to make things work for clients and treat them like my only couple for the year.

Despite our best efforts to choose a perfect day, the weather turned out to be less than ideal. However, Amanda and Mike were incredibly flexible and open to whatever the day threw at us. Their willingness to trust me and the process allowed us to capture some truly great photos despite the less-than-perfect weather conditions.

Candid Chicago Engagement Session

Our session began at The Chicago Union Station, a location known for its stunning architecture and historic charm. The grandeur of the station provided a beautiful and timeless backdrop for their photos. Amanda and Mike have such chemistry and their love for each other shone through in every shot.

From there, we moved to the Wrigley Building, an iconic Chicago landmark. The couple’s apartment was visible from there, which was fun to see as they pointed it out. The Wrigley Building’s elegant exterior and the bustling city streets provided a perfect setting for our photos. Amanda and Mike describe their relationship as fun, supportive, loving, and goofy. They wanted their engagement photos to reflect these qualities, and I was determined to capture the essence of their relationship.

Why They Chose Me

Amanda and Mike chose me as their photographer because they appreciated the natural and candid style of my work. In their own words they said, “The photos we have seen were not over-edited and there were a lot of little moments and candids.” They wanted romantic, loving, timeless, classic, and intimate photos. Amanda mentioned, “I don’t like when every picture looks posed and they look uncomfortable.” My goal was to ensure that their photos felt genuine and captured the little moments that make their relationship special – Goal accomplished!  

Despite the weather and challenges we faced, Amanda and Mike’s Chicago engagement session was a beautiful success. I love getting to know them and learning about their love story against the backdrop of some of Chicago’s most iconic locations. Their flexibility and trust in my work made this session one to remember. I am honored to have been a part of their journey and to have captured this beautiful memories that they will cherish forever.


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